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Scaffolding Services Toronto

Overhead protection platforms can be utilized for various projects. Whether to protect sensitive equipment or to protect the public and/or other workers from overhead hazards such as falling debris, tools, or materials, we have the solution for your project.


Suspension scaffold can be customized to fit your project needs and requirements. Whether it's bridge work, or work above waterways, and elevator shafts, inside vessels or water tanks, we have the skill-set to take your project to new heights.

Shoring is designed to support heavy loads under construction. It can be utilized in demolitions, rehab work, or new construction, Contact us for your requirements and we would be happy to offer our services to complete your project needs. 


A rolling scaffolds is a cost-effective method, often used for multiple job locations at a time, and ideal for open work areas. These can be customized to fit your project. Contact us and we will find the most cost-effective scaffold for your job.

Containment and hoardings are used anywhere from simple debris netting to contain any loose debris and tools/materials from falling into public walkways or roads, all the way to 100% containment for various jobs such as sandblasting/painting or asbestos removal.  


Tube&clamp scaffold is a cost effective system,  this system can be customized for any job. no job is to big or small for thius versatile system, tube&clamp can take you to places where system scaffold cant. its very lightweight design can be utilized in weight senstive work enviroments, contact us for your scaffold needs.





What our customers are saying

It was a pleasure working with such a professional company that knows how to get the work done. They worked collaboratively with our team to ensure the rolling scaffolds were exactly what we were looking for. 

- Martin Mancuso, C&M Masonry

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