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Ontario's Scaffolding Rental Specialists

South Western Ontario's trusted provider of safe and cost-effective scaffolding services and shoring solutions






With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, STACS SCAFFOLDING INC specializes in scaffolding erecting and dismantling. We are committed to finding the most cost-effective solution for your upcoming project. 


Whether you are a construction company working on a new build, or a private homeowner working on a renovation, STACS SCAFFOLDING INC can provide you with the scaffolding services necessary for the job. 


Scaffolding involves the temporary structures used in construction projects of Toronto. Yet, what this is?

In construction, scaffolding is a anything which is used that is used to provide a support and office space for workers as well as materials when a building, maintenance or repair task is being undertaken. In the city of Toronto scaffolding is usually the construction tool which is used to assure the individuals who are travelling to the elevated levels, for example, building facades, rooftops or ceilings safety.

Why wouldn't it be more rational to buy it instead of renting scaffolding?

Scaffolding leasing is more cost-effective sometimes for temporal or one-time projects for scaffolding rental Toronto than scaffolding purchasing. It reduces the expenditure of storage, maintenance and the costs of taking a scaffolding system either to the workplace or back. Moreover, scaffolding will help you to get the kinds of scaffolding available and these scaffolds sizes will be in consideration to the requirements of your projects.

Scaffolds are provided on rent in Toronto in "GATES TO SCENERY" by what type?

Companies for scaffolding rental Toronto generally provide different types of scaffolding including frame, system (invented using cup-lock and ring-lock systems), suspended and mast climbing work platforms. It comes down to the fact that the selection will be influenced by the business' size or height, the available space and how the way to the observation point is going to be organized.

What is the way to identify the correct type and amount of scaffolding, which applies to my project in Toronto?

Making the list of such factors as the building height and layout, the number of workers, minimum load capacity, and worksite conditions will help to set the overall type and working quantity of scaffolding needed. The specialists for scaffolding rental Toronto who will render help with the selection of the most suitable type of scaffolding is someone to go to when deciding the scaffolding type to use.

Can we check if in Toronto, there are safety regulations and standards for scaffolding and if scaffolding sponsors the training programs for the workers?

It is certainly to be mentioned that scaffolding in Toronto operates under the laws and standards approved by both the provincial and municipal governments, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Enforcement of these regulations is the vital factor guaranteeing a safety at construction sites.

What are the main considerations when going for scaffolding rental in Toronto?

The importance of careful deal choosing is such that you have to consider the company’s reputation and reliability, the quality of scaffolding equipment rented, the rates and terms of delivery and pickup logistics, availability of additional accessories or is there such a feature, and just the insurance coverage.

Is it a part of the scope of work, the scaffolding rental companies in Toronto offer to install and take down the scaffolding for the customers?

Certainly there are available scaffolding rental firms in the field and they usually supply installation and dismount operations. The professional installation, based on safety consideration, complies with regulation, and limits accident risks at the construction site.

Will you be able to confirm the booking of scaffolding rental in advance or not nearer to the timetable?

It is recommended to actually make scaffolding rental booking enough time before the commencement of the said project (especially during peak seasons for construction in Toronto), since then you might be disappointed by the high demand for the same. By reserving equipment as early as possible, you avoid conflicts and receive the materials three or four weeks before the project commences.

In Toronto, I wonder what I do if I need scaffolding for a longer time than planned before I do the work?

A majority of the companies providing scaffolding rentals in Toronto do so on a flexible basis, hence enabling you to extend the rental time period, just as your construction needs progress. It’s necessary to keep the rental company posted on any timeline updates for making them aware of the extensions and not to go to your work schedule.

Are there any specific considerations or does one need the permits before erecting the scaffolding in Toronto?

Depending on where and how the operation runs, which requires permission from the Toronto municipal authority you should apply for and obtain the permit or approval for scaffolding erection. Factors like space blocking and impeding the throughways/cross walk/ roadways, the areas it close to your public spaces, or it’s height that affects the permit process may change in a way. Working with this property owner as well as the regional authorities will be a way ensuring the legislation will be observed.



Overhead protection platforms can be utilized for various projects. Whether to protect sensitive equipment or to protect the public and/or other workers from overhead hazards such as falling debris, tools, or materials, we have the solution for your project.





Shoring is designed to support heavy loads under construction. It can be utilized in demolitions, rehab work, or new construction, Contact us for your requirements and we would be happy to offer our services to complete your project needs. 





Containment and hoardings are used anywhere from simple debris netting to stop debris or tools/materials from falling into public walkways or roads, all the way to 100% containment for jobs such as sandblasting/painting or asbestos removal. 



Suspension scaffold can be customized to fit your project needs and requirements. Whether it's bridge work, or work above waterways, and elevator shafts, inside vessels or water tanks, we have the skill-set to take your project to new heights.

A rolling scaffolds is a cost-effective method, often used for multiple job locations at a time, and ideal for open work areas. These can be customized to fit your project. Contact us and we will find the most cost-effective scaffold for your job.

Tube&clamp scaffold is a cost effective system,  this system can be customized for any job. no job is to big or small for thius versatile system, tube&clamp can take you to places where system scaffold cant. its very lightweight design can be utilized in weight senstive work enviroments, contact us for your scaffold needs.


What our customers are saying

Thank you for the outstanding customer service and high quality of work provided. STACS SCAFFOLDING displayed a professional approach to their delivery of services with a true commitment to safety. We value their around-the-clock availability and cost effectiveness.

- Jamie, Robertson's Restoration

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